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Frozen Edamame Beans - Edamame is the name given to immature light green soybeans. They are quick to cook, nutritious and versatile, noted "The New York Times" food columnist Mark Bittman. Edamame is available fresh or frozen, either peeled or still in a pod. Fresh & Frozen Seafood Shop Sell Frozen Edamame Beans. Keeping one or two frozen edamame bags in the freezer allows you to prepare snacks, purees or dips from cooked beans in minutes. You can also add edamame to salads, stir fries or soup. We sell Frozen Edamame Nuts where it is most often processed by boiling, although you will retain more vitamin C and B content from beans if you steam it to reduce contact with water. If you like, you can steam frozen edamame in the microwave. While some commercial brands are sold in microwave bags, you can also put edamame in a glass bowl with a little water. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and microwave on high until soft. Microwave time may vary depending on your microwave wattage.

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