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Tuna Steak
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Tuna Steak

Fresh seafood this one has a high protein content, calcium is good for growth, and abundant good Omega 3 for heart health. Most tuna has a fairly large body, therefore fish include fish that have high economic value. Tuna steak comes from tuna fish with a minimum size of 40 kg to ensure quality, and captured with a friendly environment. Formerly tuna exists only in the form of cans, but nowadays many dishes such as tuna steak frozen seafood supplier available in jakarta.

Tuna Steak Nourishing

The protein content of tuna is good for the formation of muscle cells and keeping it strong. The content of omega 3 in tuna can increase the concentration of HDL or good cholesterol in the body, suppress the occurrence of blood clots, and keep the rhythm of the heartbeat. Tuna fish can be served with many different preparations, ranging from steamed, roasted, fried, boiled made steak. Frozen food itself does not use any preservatives, this method locks the nutrients in it, just have to go in the refrigerator or freezer to remain durable but still healthy.

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