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Fresh and Frozen Salmon

Only buy fish that is cooled or shown on a thick layer of fresh ice that doesn't melt. Fresh and natural salmon fillets represent versatile treats. They are easily prepared as part of many extraordinary dishes. Fillets or portion-sized pieces are individually packaged, skinless and almost bone-free. They can be enjoyed as they are, served with sauce or seasoned with spices, integrated with pasta or wrapped in cakes, the choices are unlimited.

Salmon if processed is a special snack that is always available. Fresh fillets are cut into portion-sized pieces and frozen quickly to maintain quality and nutritional value. They are individually packaged for maximum feeding flexibility, skinless, and practically bone free.

Salmon is one type of seafood that has the most nutritional content compared to other types of fish. Salmon has a good source of omega 3 fatty acids or cholesterol which has an important role in maintaining health. Because of its good nutrition, these fish are widely processed and made into a variety of products, one of which is smoke salmon or smoked salmon. Smoke salmon itself is a processed fresh and frozen salmon made by removing salmon spines first, then salting and fuming is done with certain methods.

Toko Hayati Fresh & Frozen Seafood provides fresh and frozen salmon with the best quality fish and processed directly when the fish is still fresh. The frozen fish and fillets that we sell do not contain preservatives, so they are safer and will not cause adverse effects on health.

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