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Hayati Fresh & Frozen Seafood | Supplier of Pancet Shrimp

Pancet shrimp cultivation of course not exactly easy to do, the level of unsuccessful shrimp pancet farming is quite high due to the mortality rate and viral disease that attacks the shrimp. But for you shrimp enthusiasts do not have to worry about the difficulty of finding the raw material of shrimp that you will consume, we as one Supplier Pancet Shrimps proudly present this delicious processed meal for you.

Hayati Fresh & Frozen Seafood | Sell ​​Shrimp Vannamei IQF

In addition we also Sell Shrimp Vannamei IQF, Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) itself has the advantage of faster processing stage or more efficient. Vannamei shrimp itself is a type of shrimp introduced from South America which is widely cultivated in Indonesia since the late 90's. Physical characteristics of this type of shrimp compared to other types of shrimp that is smaller size. Foods derived from the sea is certainly already a favorite of many seafood enthusiasts, shrimp flavor with sweet and savory taste, but it also takes shrimp does not take a long time.

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